Everyone has a dream

    or at the very least

    they dream to have a dream




    the reality is


    most people don't believe they can live their dream

    they think the odds against them are too high


    I’m here to say to you


    Your dreams are your birthright


    When you change your thoughts, your actions, your vibrations


    when you make new choices


    ask new questions


    clear old blocks,


    the dreams that are a match to you manifest


    Are you ready?


    Your Brilliance is Your Birthright.

    Choose it.

    Live it.

    Be it.

    Together the Brilliance of Each of Us Lights up the World


    Changes Everything


    Lets Play

    Transformational Coaching


    Change you and your whole life changes. Choose Joy and a Joyful life occurs. I'm here to lead you into your optimal life and living.

    In person in Boulder, CO or over Skype/phone


    My coaching packages are designed to take you through a journey of clearing and releasing and into choosing a life that turns you on! I do this together with you in a way that supports you being in choice all along the way. These sessions address issues in your life and illuminate new pathways for living and more effective ways of thinking.  I use highly effective energy practices and coaching tools that get you to where you want to be.  No more fighting all those patterns and ways of living that no longer work for you! No more trying to do this alone! I will hold a space for you to expand into you with lots of support and tools to escort you across the "line" of limitation and into your vibrant and turned on life. Its your time. I have helped hundreds of people in this journey and I'm here to be there for you too!

    Sessions are 1 hour and are done in packages of:

    4 sessions
    10 sessions
    6 hour focus intensive with 4 follow up sessions
    Private Retreat 4-7 days long



    Contact Kate for scheduling and inquiry 303-229-3330

    Sex and Relationship Coaching 


    More Pleasure, Ease and Aliveness... Yes Please! 

    In person in Boulder, CO or over Skype/Phone. I work with singles, couples together and individually


    Relationship and Sexuality Work
    Relationship Coaching
    Sexual Awakening
    Attracting a Partner
    Whether you are looking to enhance your relationship and experience at a whole new level, open and awaken your sexuality or attract your next partner, balancing and integrating and opening your awareness and radiant body is essential.
    I really see sexuality and partnering as a path of awakening. A place where we get to get really real about whether or not we are receiving and creating joy in our lives and I will support you in how to use sexuality and relationship as a means for profound inner growth and healing and pleasure.

    Contact Kate to schedule and inquire 303-229-3330 


    Conscious Business Coaching 

    More awareness = more growth, more money, more flow, more time

    Phone/Skype or I travel to you


    Many business's are saying YES to working with the creative edge of consciousness.



    Is your company ready to take a leap into pioneering and growing your company culture and bottom line with ease, awareness and joy? I work with small business's ready to generate and create new possibilities in business through conscious creation.

    One time consultation minimum of a 2 hours ( if more time is requested then price is adjusted)
    1/2 hour of clear focus time spent with company owner and 1 and 1/2 hours spent with staff. No follow up withKate. Follow up is set up between staff and owner

    1/2 hour focus meeting with owner.
    1 and 1/2 hours spent with the staff in person or via Skype/teleconference
    1 hour follow up/power session with the owner
    2 1 hour integration sessions via Skype/teleconference with the staff
    * includes a write up of next steps.

    3. MASSIVE MOTION Package
    2 hour initial focus meeting with owner.
    6 hour staff retreat day
    3 1 hour integration sessions via Skype/teleconference with the staff
    2 1 our follow up sessions with the owner
    * includes a write up of process and next steps.

    4. Specifically designed package for your needs. Price determined.

    Private Immersion for Radical New Living

    4-7 days of Life Changing Retreat 1:1 with Kate 

    Destination and Journey designed by you and Kate




    In a beautiful setting of your choice, we will co-create a journey to work on key areas of daily life such as:

    - Nutrition, exercise and Health

    - Peaceful Inner Landscapes

    - Envisioning New Life and Living

    - Healthy Family Dynamics

    - Meditation

    - Consciousness

    - Authentic Healthy Sexual Relationships


    We’ll co-design a custom journey that includes: consciousness tools to support change and ease in the mind and body, hands on energy work, coaching, hiking, meditation, movement, ritual work, envisioning work and facilitation for conscious family, relationships and intimacy.


    Contact Kate to talk details and schedule: 303-229-3330 Katespear77@gmail.com 


  • Radiant Tribe 6 week Journey

    more information coming!



    Kate Spear

     Transformation Facilitaor

    Kate Spear is a energy healer, conscious commerce coach, kirtan singer, and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and RYT-200 yogini from Boulder, Colorado who has spent a lifetime on a path of conscious awakening.

    As a teacher and facilitator of transformation and awakening for the past 20 years, her work spans and touches the personal heart, integrates conscious evolution , and contributes to radiant embodiment.

    In addition to her integrated journey of transformation, she brings with her a 10 year journey in an ashram where she awakened her heart through the path of yoga and chanting. Her voice is said to stir the depths of the heart and directly transmit an experience of inner divine love. Kate is passionate about bringing the gifts of radiant living into everyday living and is the founder of a sacred commerce community call Women Owning Wealth.

    Kate does personal transformation coaching, facilitates energy work, teaches Access Consciousness core classes, teaches harmonium, chanting, bhakti yoga, prosperity awakening and leads kirtans around the country.