Who is this for? 

  • People who are ready to dive into the accelerated path. 

  • People who know that life is NOW and that the only thing standing between themselves and their brilliant self is themselves and they don’t want to hold back for one more second. 
  • People who are committed to exploring their greatest life and who are interested in having positive impact on others.

When I mentor you, you are working potently and individually with me in both immersions and weekly work. We work on an accelerated track on your issues and desires and dreams and also I teach you energetics, tools, new paradigms and practices to support it all.   You are also invited to participate in mentor group calls facilitated by me to learn from each other’s questions and journeys as well. 

Your life will expand and grow and you will learn how to implement the tools and practices behind it all to also support others.  

Are you ready for a whole new navigation system to continuously steer you into your best life?

This work takes you beyond the great breakthroughs that happen in weekly sessions by turning up the volume with immersions.  Immediate and full life shifts occur in individuals who choose intensive mentoring.  If you are a coach or teacher, this mentorship takes you into a whole new playground to use with your clients. Are you READY for a LEAP in joy and clarity and life and consciousness? 

Working in a mentor format draws most deeply off my 10 years in an ashram and my extensive experience in business and consciousness facilitation. This allows us to work at full continuous capacity for the greatest results. 

How it works:

You and I co-designed your custom package to meet your specific needs, desires and goals. 

Together we will identify key areas for growth, implement new consciousness tools , cultivate clarity for change, clear blocks and create new life, open more access to your energy fields and gifts, do hands on energy work, develop embodied intuition, up level your communication capacities (both inner and outer), release contracted patterns, learn new tools of self inquiry and create your Radiant Compass* for a dynamic present and future. 

In order to support sustainable conscious living, we will work on key areas of daily life such as: 

  • Nutrition and Health
  • Authentic Sexual Relationships - Inner landscapes
  • Career
  • Family - Meditation
  • Consciousness living 

Contact Kate for more information and to discuss your customized program