It never occurred to me to see my break-up as time to really get to know myself. When I met Kate, I was swimming in a pool of confusion and endlessly wanting to fix myself. She helped me turn my whole experience into an exploration of who I really was and guided me into my radiant self. Now when my mind wanders, it’s because I am contemplating all the new dreams and possibilities in front of me.
— RH, Telluride, CO
Can you say shattered? My outer life looked great but I was falling into an abyss.  Working with Kate not only gave me tools and energy to feel back on the ground, it actually gave me the confidence and clarity to start making some big and amazing changes and choices.  I bought a new place to live, moved to the town I always wanted to live in and started climbing and traveling again. 
— EG, Boulder, Co
Where do I even start! Working with Kate has turned both my life and my business into an expansive joyful experience!  I have grown my business more than 400% since we started our work together and I have never felt so confident navigating life and the experience of authentically being me.  My life would not be in the magical place that it is without my work with Kate. I highly recommend her!
— JG, Aspen, CO
I have done a few 3 day immersions with Kate and each time the shifts and changes are unbelievable. The combination of coaching, mountain experiences, healing work and visioning work created a leap in my life that far exceeds anything I thought was possible for me. I have come alive and made choices for my career, relationship and self that have turned my life into my dream. If you are ready for the real shifts and to live your best life now, I recommend an immersion with Kate! 
— Dan, San Francisco, CA
Can an overly intellectual, always-in-her-head, dyed-in-the-wool, show-me-the-proof, skeptical Libra come to believe in magic? The answer is absolutely YES! After meeting and working with Kate, I have experienced transformations in my personal life that only can be described as magical.

Even better, the “work” of growth came with joy and ease and laughter and unlimited possibility, and, yes, fun. What’s not to love about that?!

Maestro of magic, fairy godmother, truth teller, wise woman, court jester, and occasionally drill sergeant....Kate is the buddy who has your back in the trenches of personal growth and transformation. Kate, I’m proud to call you my mentor, teacher AND friend!
— Carolyn, Hilton Head Island, SC